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Sushant Pandey

Engineering Architect
Sushant Pandey: Currently working at Microsoft as Engineering Architect with SQL team. Since beginning of my career (15 years) I have been working in SQL Server and/or Azure SQL database services space. I have worked with only 2 orgs Accenture and Microsoft in last 15 years so you can say I like stability and that’s what I also try to bring in the solutions that I deliver to customers. I have been working from India throughout my career except for 1 year which I spent in Germany. Implemented various solutions to multiple different customers across the globe (working as developer or as architect) with MS-BI. I also helped customers in their migration journeys from Oracle to SQL Server or Azure DB Services. This included deep technical work such as optimization and tuning. I am an active member of MS internal worldwide communities for Database services.  Since last year I started courting with Azure DB for PostgreSQL and recently got an excellent opportunity to work on some of the complex pieces with Alicja. I like to say that I have started loving PGSQL due to its rich features and community support.

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Wednesday, December 9

11:00 GMT

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