Tuesday, December 8

08:00 GMT

Registration / Networking
Registration/ Networking

Tuesday December 8, 2020 08:00 - 08:30 GMT

08:30 GMT

Opening Keynote: The Postgres Ecosystem
The Postgres Ecosystem looks at the makeup of PostgreSQL project, its supporters and users. Postgres provides paths for both stability and agility within the wider ecosystem, so we look at how that is funded and discuss what that means for the community.

avatar for Simon Riggs

Simon Riggs

PostgreSQL Fellow, EDB
Simon built and ran 2ndQuadrant until it merged recently with EDB, helping many customers with their Postgres solutions. As a technologist he has contributed widely to PostgreSQL across 16 years and now continues his work with the PostgreSQL community, as well as being an author of... Read More →

Tuesday December 8, 2020 08:30 - 09:10 GMT

09:20 GMT

Json in Postgres - the Roadmap
JSONB in PostgreSQL is one of the main attractive feature for modern
application developers, no matter what some RDBMS purists are thinking.
People often use simple one-column-json schema for their projects and rely
on ability of database to store,index and query json. Postgres has long
history of supporting the non-structured data and has pioneered the
adoption of JSON by relational databases, so eventually JSON became and
official feature (SQL/JSON) of SQL standard.

avatar for Oleg Bartunov

Oleg Bartunov

CEO, Postgres Professional
Oleg Bartunov has been involved in PostgreSQL development since 1996 (he introduced locale support). He is a major developer and a member of the PGDG. Together with his colleague Teodor Sigaev he developed infrastructure for implementing user-define index access methods GiST, GIN... Read More →

Tuesday December 8, 2020 09:20 - 10:00 GMT

09:20 GMT

Online Upgrade Using Logical Replication
Always upgrade! There are hundreds of fixes between each PostgreSQL release, and an important number of them are security fixes! Logical replication allows making major upgrades with minimal downtime and feasible cons.

avatar for Florin Irion

Florin Irion

PostgreSQL DBA and developer, EnterpriseDB
Florin is a PostgreSQL passionate that had the fortune in 2018 to join 2ndQuadrant in Prato, Italy, where he transformed his passion into professional work.All his work revolves around PostgreSQL in various ways, from Developer to Tester, from DBA to Support Engineer, from Consultant... Read More →

Tuesday December 8, 2020 09:20 - 10:00 GMT

10:10 GMT

Migration DB2 to EDB - Project Experience
The talk will be about the project to find a replacement for all IBM products in the company with the example for the databases. What was the goal of the project, the learning, a short overview about the options
we migrated about 500 db2 databases to EnterpriseDB. The database size was from a small size up to 4 TB and we implemented a completely new fully automated deployment of VM and database. Databases are now 11 month in production.

The talk will have an overview of the project, the learnings, a few parameters and technical parameters that were found for stability and performance.

avatar for Harald Stefan

Harald Stefan

Head of Platform Database, BG Phoenics GmbH
- Head of Databases- Responsible for operation/architecture and further development for all databases- 15 years of leadership experience for technology teams- 25 years database experience in development and administration of various database derivatives (Relational, NoSQL, Shared... Read More →

Tuesday December 8, 2020 10:10 - 10:50 GMT

10:10 GMT

Apache AGE and the synergy effect in the combination of Postgres and NoSQL
In this session, we will introduce the concept of Apache AGE and the synergy effect in the combination of Postgres and NoSQL (Graph Database).  We shall discuss the story and background of Apache AGE as an open-source project and introduce challenges that AGE can solve for its users. Furthermore, we will talk about a graph database as an extension to PostgreSQL and how it can support all the functionalities and features of PostgreSQL and offers a graph model in addition. We will also discuss how users with a relational background and data model who are in need of having a graph model on top of their existing relational model, can use this extension with minimal effort because they can use existing data without migration to enable a graph database.

avatar for Eya Badal Abdisho

Eya Badal Abdisho

Technical Engineer, Bitnine Global Inc.
Eya Badal Abdisho is a Technical Engineer of Bitnine Global Inc. responsible for consulting and implementation of Apache AGE, the multi-model (Postgres + Graph DB) database management system. Previously, Eya worked as a Technical Project Manager at the CoderSchool. Eya has a Bachelor's... Read More →

Tuesday December 8, 2020 10:10 - 10:50 GMT

11:00 GMT

Deployment of PostgreSQL inside of Kubernetes with High Availability
Talk will try to cover deployment of PostgreSQL inside of Kubernetes with accent on high availability. 

avatar for Armin Nesiren

Armin Nesiren

Database Engineer, CYBERTEC PostgreSQL International GmbH
Armin is a database engineer and has been dealing with PostgreSQL for more than ten years with focus on clusters in recent years. Armin's first steps were with slonny based replication and I ended up with fully automated streaming replication clusters in production. Recently Armin's... Read More →

Tuesday December 8, 2020 11:00 - 11:40 GMT

11:00 GMT

NORM: No ORM Framework
It's a well-known fact, that although the database performance is great, and each query is executed in milliseconds, the overall application response time maybe slow, making the users wait for response for an extended periods of time. We know that the problem is not the database, but the way the application developers communicate with the database. Specifically, we are talking about ORMs - Object-Relational Mappers. Database developers hate them, but application developers love them, because they allow to develop applications without any knowledge of database internals. As a result, the system performance is often unacceptably slow.

The only way to change this behavior is to provide application developers with a tool, which is as easy to use, as an ORM, but which will allow to escape the common ORM pitfalls. That's why we developed NORM - No-ORM Framework. During this presentation, we will go over examples of code from https://github.com/hettie-d/NORM repo and learn how to build "transport objects" for efficient data transfer between applications and databases.

avatar for Henrietta Dombrovskaya

Henrietta Dombrovskaya

Associate Director of DB, Braviant Holdings
Henrietta Dombrovskaya is a database researcher and developer with over 35 years of academic and industrial experience. She holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Saint Petersburg, Russia. At present she isAssociate Director of Databases at Braviant Holdings, Chicago... Read More →

Tuesday December 8, 2020 11:00 - 11:40 GMT

11:50 GMT

Managing PostgreSQL with Ansible
Ansible is an open-source configuration management and deployment tool, which can be used to manage servers and software installations. This talk will briefly cover Ansible itself, and then explain how Ansible is used to install and configure PostgreSQL on a server. Examples will round up the talk.

avatar for Andreas Scherbaum

Andreas Scherbaum

Head of Databases, Adjust GmbH
Andreas Scherbaum is working with PostgreSQL since 1997. He is involved in several PostgreSQL related community projects, member of the Board of Directors of the European PostgreSQL User Group and also wrote a PostgreSQL book (in German).Since 2011 he was working for EMC/Greenplum/Pivotal... Read More →

Tuesday December 8, 2020 11:50 - 12:30 GMT

11:50 GMT

Large Table Partitioning with PostgreSQL and Django
With great DB Table comes great responsibility". Our email messages table was growing too much and we needed to do something about it. We will talk about how we integrated PostgreSQL Declarative partitioning with our Django based Customer Portal to solve the problem.

avatar for Caterina Magini

Caterina Magini

PostgreSQL support engineer, EnterpriseDB
I have worked as a support engineer and PostgreSQL database administrator at 2ndQuadrant (now EDB) for 2 years. Working in a team and developing a problem-solving mindset is the most exciting part of my job.
avatar for Paolo Romolini

Paolo Romolini

Web Developer, EnterpriseDB
Paolo has been a web developer at 2ndQuandrant (now EDB) and has worked mainly with the Customer Portal using the Django Python framework and obviously PostgreSQL as a Database.

Tuesday December 8, 2020 11:50 - 12:30 GMT

12:30 GMT

Wellness Session
Workplace Wellness - Desk Yoga, Gentle Stretching and Relaxation.

avatar for Richard Brook

Richard Brook

Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher, Creative Wellness
Richard is a wellness expert, specialising in Acupuncture, Yoga and workplace wellness programmes in London and Online. He works internationally, featured across many media channels and facilitates juice detox programmes at Moinhos Velhos retreat that are rated top 10 in the world... Read More →

Tuesday December 8, 2020 12:30 - 13:00 GMT

13:00 GMT

Lunch Break
Tuesday December 8, 2020 13:00 - 13:30 GMT

13:30 GMT

Does Anyone Really Need RAC?
One of the main reasons we hear for not being able to migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL is the fact that “We absolutely, definitively must have RAC”. Despite its cost and complexity, RAC is widely used in response to a variety of (real or imagined) performance, high availability and/or scalability requirements. PostgreSQL does not have an equivalent to RAC. But does anyone really need it?

This talk investigates whether or not RAC is actually required in most situations and looks at the alternatives that are available to us in PostgreSQL.

avatar for Karen Jex

Karen Jex

Senior Database Consultant, EDB
Karen was an Oracle DBA for 20 years before starting to work with PostgreSQL databases. She liked them so much that she became a Senior Database Consultant with EnterpriseDB. She was once described as “quite personable for a DBA” which she decided to take as a compliment. Outside... Read More →

Tuesday December 8, 2020 13:30 - 14:10 GMT

13:30 GMT

Machine Learning for Capacity Management
In this talk we'll look at simple building-block techniques for predicting metrics over time based on past data, taking into account trend, seasonality and noise, using Python with Tensorflow.

avatar for Dave Page

Dave Page

VP & Chief Architect, Database Infrastructure, EnterpriseDB
Dave Page is Vice President and Chief Architect, Database Infrastructure, currently working in the CTO team on research and development, best practices with Postgres, and providing high-level guidance and support for key customers. Dave has been working with PostgreSQL since 1998... Read More →

Tuesday December 8, 2020 13:30 - 14:10 GMT

14:20 GMT

Creating a Modern Analytic Environment with IBM Cloud Pak for Data and EDB PostgreSQL
This session will focus on the areas of IBM Cloud Pak® for Data which allow you to bring together data from across your Hybrid Cloud Enterprise. You can work with all your data just like it is in a single database, without moving data or losing control over governance or security.

Session will review:

  • An overview of the Cloud Pak for Data Platform
  • Seamless demonstration of Data Virtualization with EDB PostgreSQL and MongoDB data-illustrating an analytic environment operating against the combined data.
  • Integration demonstration with Cloud Pak for Data -automating deployment and management of an EDB PostgreSQL data environment.


Michael Connor

Product Management – IBM Hybrid Data Management, IBM
Michael is responsible for Product Strategy in support of IBM's Open Source Databases and in addition is responsible for the IBM strategic partnerships with EDB and MongoDB.
avatar for Peter Kohlmann

Peter Kohlmann

Digital Assets – IBM Hybrid Data Management, IBM
Peter is responsible for creating Digital Assets in support of IBM Database use cases in Cloud Pak for Data containerized environments.
avatar for Prasa Urithirakodeeswaran

Prasa Urithirakodeeswaran

Development – IBM Hybrid Data Management
Prasa is responsible for the integration of IBM Open Source Databases in Cloud Pak for Data.

Tuesday December 8, 2020 14:20 - 15:00 GMT

14:20 GMT

Learn how zheap works
During this talk you will learn how zheap works, what features it can provide and what the current status of the project is.

avatar for Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

CEO, Cybertec
Hans-Jürgen Schönig has been in professional PostgreSQL for more than 20 years and has worked for customers around the globe on 24x7 support, performance, scaling as well as HA.

Tuesday December 8, 2020 14:20 - 15:00 GMT

15:10 GMT

Benefits and Challenges of Postgres in the Enterprise
In this session, we will take a deep dive into all the benefits and challenges faced by enterprises when adopting PostgreSQL as their preferred DBMS. We will discuss real business cases and anecdotes from real-life PostgreSQL users in enterprise environments.

avatar for Bruce Momjian

Bruce Momjian

Vice President, Postgres Evangelist, EnterpriseDB
Bruce Momjian is co-founder and core team member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, and has worked on PostgreSQL since 1996. He has been employed by EDB since 2006. He has spoken at many international open-source conferences and is the author of PostgreSQL: Introduction and... Read More →
avatar for Ferdinand Vogeler

Ferdinand Vogeler

Enterprise Architect, RWE Supply & Trading GmbH, RWE
Dr. Ferdinand Vogeler is an enterprise architect at RWE Supply & Trading where he drives and coordinates innovation and strategic topics, including areas around digitalization and cloudification. Originally coming from a natural science background he had already gained his first... Read More →
avatar for Benny Rutten

Benny Rutten

Database Administrator
As a senior Oracle and Postgres database administrator, I am responsible for the day to day operational management of my company’s (financial and back office) databases. In addition to the operational part, I am constantly looking for ways to optimize our database environment in... Read More →
avatar for Farid Dehak

Farid Dehak

Head of the Database Expertise for GRDF/IT department, GRDF
I have started my career as data specialist less than 10 years ago, by managing several datacentre migration projects. I turned my primary activity from DC migrations and Project management to operational and “business as usual” activities just few years ago y joining GRDF IT... Read More →

Tuesday December 8, 2020 15:10 - 16:00 GMT
Wednesday, December 9

08:00 GMT

Registration/ Networking
Wednesday December 9, 2020 08:00 - 08:30 GMT

08:30 GMT

Opening Keynote - Hosted PostgreSQL: An Objective Look
Companies are turning more and more to hosted environments (Amazon RDS, Google Cloud SQL, Azure Database, and others) to host their PostgreSQL environments.

avatar for Christophe Pettus

Christophe Pettus

Chief Executive Officer, PostgreSQL Experts, Inc.
Christophe Pettus is the CEO and lead consultant for PostgreSQL Experts, Inc., a boutique independent PostgreSQL consultancy based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been a PostgreSQL database administrator and consultant since the version 7.1 days.

Wednesday December 9, 2020 08:30 - 09:10 GMT

09:20 GMT

Pgsodium's Features: those not provided by pgcrypto and integration with remote Key Management Services
Database level encryption is an important component of comprehensive system security and in-depth data defense. PostgreSQL's built in pgcrypto library is useful, but lacks a number of modern features such as key derivation, key exchange, authentication signing, and authenticated encryption with additional data (AEAD).

avatar for Michel Pelletier

Michel Pelletier

CEO, Graphegon
Michel Pelletier is an independent open source software develop and CEO of Graphegon.  Michel has been using PostgreSQL for over 15 years in a variety of roles and industries.  He is the author of pgsodium, and works on many other open source contributions such as Metagration and... Read More →

Wednesday December 9, 2020 09:20 - 10:00 GMT

09:20 GMT

Common Mistakes and Missed Optimization Opportunities in SQL
Silly mistakes in SQL can have disastrous results. Slow queries can choke up your system, and incorrect results can make you reach bad decisions. In this talk I'm presenting common mistakes and missed optimization opportunities in SQL I encountered over the years.

avatar for Haki Benita

Haki Benita

Development Team Leader, PCENTRA
Haki Benita leads the development of a large ticketing and payment system, working with large PostgreSQL databases and other technologies such as Python, Django, and TypeScript.Haki is a A full stack developer and a team leader with over 15 years of experience, he’s been a DBA for... Read More →

Wednesday December 9, 2020 09:20 - 10:00 GMT

10:10 GMT

Stumbling stones when migrating from Oracle
This talk covers all the problems and incompatibilities I have seen when migrating from Oracle. 

avatar for Laurenz Albe

Laurenz Albe

Talking Head, Cybertec
Laurenz Albe has worked with and contributed to PostgreSQL and related projects since 2006.He is the principal author and maintainer of the Oracle Foreign Data Wrapper, ora_migrator, and pgreplay.He joined Cybertec in 2017, where he provides consulting, support, training, and custom... Read More →

Wednesday December 9, 2020 10:10 - 10:50 GMT

10:10 GMT

Variations on PostgreSQL Replication
Physical replication, logical replication, synchronous, asynchronous, multi-master, scale-out reads, sharding... so many concepts related to replication. In this talk we will review the fundamental ideas behind each of them, and in which cases you will need one or the other. We will compare different architecture designs, discussing their advantages and disadvantages. The practical part of the talk is focused on how PostgreSQL works. The ideas and concepts can be applied to other database engines.

avatar for Boriss Mejias

Boriss Mejias

Solution Architect, EDB
I'm a holistic system software engineer (aka Solution Architect), PostgreSQL consultant and trainer, free software user, and headbanger. I have been working with PostgreSQL since version 9.1. First, as part of my job related to other projects, and with full dedication since 2017... Read More →

Wednesday December 9, 2020 10:10 - 10:50 GMT

11:00 GMT

The Story About The Migration
The story about a challenging PoC that proved that Postgres can achieve the same performance as Oracle Exadata. The schema that was migrated wasn’t the simplest one you might see. It was quite the opposite. The code was loaded with dynamic queries, BULK COLLECT’s, nested loops, CONNECT BY statements, global variables and lot of dependencies.

avatar for Sushant Pandey

Sushant Pandey

Engineering Architect, Microsoft
Sushant Pandey: Currently working at Microsoft as Engineering Architect with SQL team. Since beginning of my career (15 years) I have been working in SQL Server and/or Azure SQL database services space. I have worked with only 2 orgs Accenture and Microsoft in last 15 years so you... Read More →
avatar for Alicja Kucharczyk

Alicja Kucharczyk

EMEA Global Black Belt OSS Data Tech Specialist, Microsoft
Alicja Kucharczyk: Currently working at Microsoft as EMEA Global Black Belt OSS Data tech Specialist - is a PostgreSQL expert, both an experienced developer as well as administrator and PostgreSQL coach with strong practical knowledge of Linux and their mutual interactions. Particularly... Read More →

Wednesday December 9, 2020 11:00 - 11:40 GMT

11:00 GMT

True Postgres High Availability Architecture with Industry Standard Open-Source Tooling
With use of modern deployment tools like Ansible, a high availability stack is built with only open-source products. Automatic fail-over, Backup- recovery, Monitoring, SSL, Virtual IP and an environment to manage the stack is part of the setup. Complete setup with industry-standard tools like Barman, Repmgr, Prometheus/Grafana, HAProxy and Keepalived. This talk will deliver a live demo of building the environment, and testing a demo application while doing a switch over, and prove that no transactions are lost.

avatar for Mike Sijmons

Mike Sijmons

PostgreSQL Consultant and Trainer, Nibble-IT
Mike Sijmons started working with databases in the late 80thies. First as a developer and later as a DBA, consultant, architect and trainer. In 1996 he founded his own company Nibble-IT. Nibble-IT was specialized in embedding RDBMS system within large logistic and financial companies... Read More →

Wednesday December 9, 2020 11:00 - 11:40 GMT

11:50 GMT

PostgreSQL continuous backup and PITR with Barman
How can I achieve an RPO of 5 minutes for the backups of my PostgreSQL databases? And what about RPO=0 for zero data loss backups? This talk will give you answers to those questions, by guiding you through an overview of Disaster Recovery of PostgreSQL databases with Barman, covering its key concepts and providing useful patterns and tips.

avatar for Gabriele Bartolini

Gabriele Bartolini

VP of CloudNative, EDB
A long time open source programmer and entrepreneur, Gabriele has a degree in Statistics from the University of Florence. After having consistently contributed to the growth of 2ndQuadrant and its members through nurturing a lean and devops culture, he is now leading the Cloud Native... Read More →

Wednesday December 9, 2020 11:50 - 12:30 GMT

11:50 GMT

Riding the Second Wave - Open Source for Relational Databases
Join this talk and get more insight into the wonderful world of data storage, data processing and information delivery and the role OSS plays here!

avatar for Jan Karremans

Jan Karremans

Sales Engineer, EnterpriseDB
Jan Karremans is Senior Sales Engineer for the DACH region as well as Director of Sales Engineering in EMEA, overseeing a team of engineers providing in-depth insights and consultancy on the deployment and management of EDB Postgres databases.  With over 20 years experience in the... Read More →

Wednesday December 9, 2020 11:50 - 12:30 GMT

12:30 GMT

Wellness Session
avatar for Pete Cann

Pete Cann

Laughter Yoga Leader, Canned Laughter
 The Laughter Man, Pete Cann is on a fun filled mission to bring the positive benefits oflaughter to the world. Since discovering Laughter Yoga, company owner Pete hastransformed his business and family life and now wants to share his infectious secrets andget the planet laughing... Read More →

Wednesday December 9, 2020 12:30 - 13:00 GMT

13:00 GMT

Lunch Break
Wednesday December 9, 2020 13:00 - 13:30 GMT

13:30 GMT

Postgres Architectures in Production
When using PostgreSQL in production it is important to implement a strategy for High Availability. With a database service, the HA properties apply to both the service itself and of course to the data set.

In this talk we learn how to think about specific HA needs of your production environment and how to achieve your requirements with Open Source tooling when it comes to your database of choice, PostgreSQL. In particular, we dive in many options that could be implemented for Postgres to evolve its offering from being a toolset to being “batteries included”. What does it mean in the context of HA? How to achieve it?

avatar for Dimitri Fontaine

Dimitri Fontaine

Postgres Contributor, Microsoft
Dimitri Fontaine is a PostgreSQL Major Contributor (Extensions, Event Triggers, etc) and maintains pgloader, your migration companion (see https://pgloader.io), and pg_auto_failover, the simple and robust HA solution for Postgres.Dimitri has authored “The Art of PostgreSQL”, the... Read More →

Wednesday December 9, 2020 13:30 - 14:10 GMT

13:30 GMT

Best Practices & Lessons Learned from Deployment of PostgreSQL
This talk will review best practices and lessons learned from working with large and mid-size companies on their deployment of PostgreSQL. We will explore the practices that helped industry leaders move through the stages of PostgreSQL adoption and get as much value out of their deployment as possible without incurring undue risk.

avatar for Marc Linster

Marc Linster

Marc Linster, Ph.D., is EDB’s Chief Technology Officer. Marc leads EDB's Office of the CTO, where he and his team of PostgreSQL experts work with key customers and strategic partners on providing strategic technical direction, visionary thought leadership, and leveraging key technology... Read More →

Wednesday December 9, 2020 13:30 - 14:10 GMT

14:20 GMT

Postgres Deployment Automation with Terraform and Ansible
A quick guide to PostgreSQL performance.

avatar for Julien Tachoires

Julien Tachoires

PostgreSQL Performance Engineer, EnterpriseDB
Julien has over 10 years of experience with PostgreSQL and been mostly focus on its industrialisation in recent years.

Wednesday December 9, 2020 14:20 - 15:00 GMT

14:20 GMT

Simple Works Best
This presentation can help you to apply partioning when appropriate, and to avoid problems when using it. The oneliner is: Simple Works Best. The illustrating demos are on Postgres12 (maybe -13 by the time of presenting) and show some of the problems and solutions that Partitioning can provide. Some of this “experience” is quite old and the demo runs near-identical on Oracle…
These problems are the same on any database.

avatar for Pieter de Visser

Pieter de Visser

DBA, data-engineer, troubleshooter, PDVBV
Piet is an experienced Database Consultant and DBA.He is in IT since 1987, and specialises in Oracle-, Postgres- and Databases-related technology since 1994. He combines conceptual knowledge and technical know-how with extensive experience in global and complex organisations.He also... Read More →

Wednesday December 9, 2020 14:20 - 15:00 GMT

15:10 GMT

Traditionally database systems were optimized either for OLAP either for OLTP workloads. Such mainstream DBMSes like Postgres,MySQL,... are mostly used for OLTP, while Greenplum, Vertica, Clickhouse, SparkSQL,... are oriented on analytic queries. But right now many companies do not want to have two different data stores for OLAP/OLTP and need to perform analytic queries on most recent data. I want to discuss which features should be added to Postgres to efficiently handle HTAP workload.

avatar for Konstanin Knizhnik

Konstanin Knizhnik

Lead developer, Postgres Professional
I am author of few open source DBMSes: GOODS, FastDB, GigaBASE, Consus,...Worked in Digital Equipment,TogetherSoft,Borland,SciDB,McObject. Last five years work in Postgres Professional, implementing various features for Postgres community and PgPro version of Postgres.

Wednesday December 9, 2020 15:10 - 15:50 GMT

15:10 GMT

Using Supergraph a GraphQL to SQL compiler to quickly build apps on Postgres
In 2015, Facebook introduced GraphQL, a front-end query framework designed to shield users from the intricacies of the various backends one would find in modern data stacks. As with ORMs before then, most backend code ended up being databases, adding layers of abstraction that ended up being inefficient and required immense investments to scale out for performance. Additionally most app developers are not very familiar with SQL and go to great lengths to avoid learning it. This has created several problems like n+1 queries, inefficient queries, minimal use of database features, etc. While Postgres is growing in popularity with this audience the large majority of advanced features like JSON support, Recursive CTE’s, Window functions are never used. Often developers are unfamiliar with even simple features like the various types of JOINS and choose inefficient solutions like multiple queries instead.

avatar for Vikram Rangnekar

Vikram Rangnekar

Founder 42papers.com, 42papers.com
Vikram Rangnekar grew up in Bombay, studied computer science at the University of Delaware. He founded Socialwok a Techcrunch50 startup that was early in the enterprise collaboration space. This led him to Linkedin early in 2010 where he worked on various things from the API platform... Read More →

Wednesday December 9, 2020 15:10 - 15:50 GMT

16:00 GMT

Speaker Networking Drinks
Wednesday December 9, 2020 16:00 - 17:00 GMT
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